Welcome to the Wine Shoppe on Park, formerly the Wine Shoppe on Charlotte!

We invite you to come and discover how much fun, and how simple it is, to make one of the hundreds of different wines we offer - ready for you in from 4-8 weeks. At our craft winemaking shop, customers select a wine, start a wine and return to bottle it.

At the Wine Shoppe on Park, we start with the highest quality grape juices and concentrated grape juices available, supplied to us exclusively by RJ Spagnols, the largest, most successful and respected wine kit producer in Canada.

We then add the expertise that comes from our many years in the ferment-on-premise wine business. Since we started the Wine Shoppe on Charlotte, now the Wine Shoppe on Park, patrons have produced, with our help, more than two million bottles of wine. We are also proud to have been voted Peterborough's Favourite Wine Making Place 15 years in a row.

At the Wine Shoppe on Park, we pay special attention to the wines that are new and getting noticed. Wines that are "trending" at the LCBO tend to be the most highly sought after by our customers, too. We purchase our grape juices from top vineyards from around the world - ones you would know from the LCBO!

Choose from our extensive, international wine list of reds, white and roses. We make more than 175 wines from Australia, Chile, Spain, Italy, USA, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and more. Our ports, ice wines, fruit wines and cocktails are also very popular.

We specialize in customizing every batch to our customer's preferences, making adjustments as desired for sweetness, oaking and body. We have dozens of recipes for commercially-available wines and love the challenge of making your wine unique to your taste.

We also search the world for unique and attractive labels for our wines, so that each bottle leaves looking its best, and reflecting the taste of its maker.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you with your wine selection and assist in the process from process start to finish. When it is time to bottle your wine, you will find the automatic equipment in our bright, clean facility to be easy to use, and our helpful staff are always ready to assist. We believe that making wine in a clean and friendly place, where there is a high level of personal customer service, is very important.

We provide everything you need to produce a great bottle of wine. Our pricing for a 30-bottle "batch" of wine includes your labels, shrink wraps, corks and all the taxes. Our customers make wine at 1/2 - 1/3 of the price of commercially-purchased bottles!

The only surprises we want you to have are how good your wine tastes and how easy and fun it was to make!

Explore our Web Site, particularly the Wine List, with the more than 175 different varieties of wine we have to offer you. Come in to the new store for a tour, too. We are here to help and make it fun!

We Make it Simple, You Make it Great!

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