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The Wineshoppe on Charlotte Update

October 7, 2011

Something Enchanting Is About To Happen...
Glad Hatter is Coming Soon!

The Glad Hatter offers you outstanding new and exciting wines from the world’s leading vineyards. With ten delicious varietals to choose from, there’s sure to be a choice that fits your occasion, and the story you want to tell!

The Glad Hatter’s story is as unusual as the Hatter himself.
"Some say he roamed the countryside entertaining people with his antics, and that he carried a secret stash of delicious wine he kept tucked under his enormous top hat. Others say his hat was magic, and that the he used it to conjure wine for friendly villagers he encountered in his travels. But no matter his story, everyone agrees on one thing—the Glad Hatter’s wine was always wonderful."

Now, you can enjoy these delicious varieties too. Whimsical, bold and colourful, like the Glad Hatter himself—these wines will thrill and delight you and your guests, everyday

 Glad Hatter wines are exclusive to
RJS Academy Stores across Canada

The Wine Shoppe on Charlotte is proud to be the only store in Central Ontario where you can find Glad Hatter! 


Coming soon to the
Wine Shoppe
on Charlotte!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This weekend, may you enjoy a plentiful feast of good food,
great wine, family and friends!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sarah, Jennifer, John & Catherine
Rachel, Logan & Ruth