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The Wineshoppe on Charlotte Update

October 17, 2011

Holiday Specialty Wines are in!

Yes, they're back, with one
NEW addition!

From the ever-popular
Chocolate Ports & Cream Sherry
to our Red and White Ice Wines, we have something for everyone.  And don't forget our Lounge Cocktails... perfect for those New Year's Parties!

New this year, Coffee Port!

Click HERE to browse the full list.

Or, if you make wine at home,
click HERE


To have these treats ready on time for Holiday gift-giving and entertaining,
you must start them by
November 11th, so hurry in!

New In-Store Specials!

"Autumn Harvest" White


"Our Gamay" 

From Now until November 30th,
Save $10!

Make wine at home?
Click HERE to view our Online Shoppe's Specials.

Holiday Fruit Wines!

$125 a batch
Only for a limited time!

Click HERE for more information.

 Now is the Time to Make Your Holiday Wine!

 With only a few months left until the Holidays, don't delay making your wines!

The deadline to make wine this year is November 25th (ready to bottle on December 24th, though), so come in before then to avoid the rush!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Sarah, Jennifer,
Rachel, Logan & Ruth