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The Wineshoppe on Charlotte Update

February 7, 2013


14 Wines at $14 off!*
Our Annual Va
February 8th - February 28th 2013 only

 CranApple Chardonnay (reg. $125)
Cranberry Chianti (reg. $125)
Kiwi Melon Pinot Grigio (reg. $125)
Italian Brunello (reg. $145)
Chilean Malbec (reg. $145)
Washington Merlot (reg. $145)
Ontario Sauvignon Blanc (reg. $145)
Gewurztraminer (reg. $155)
Grande Shiraz (reg. $155)
Rosso Grande (reg. $155)
Australian Cabernet/Shiraz/Merlot (reg. $165)
Australian Chardonnay (reg. $165)
Italian Pinot Grigio (reg. $165)
Italian Valpolicella Ripassa (reg. $175)

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*February 8th - February 28th 2013 only. 
This sale cannot be combined with any other offer or voucher. 
Click HERE
for full rules and restrictions.


Sarah & Jennifer