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Wine Diamonds,Not Sediment

A few patrons have approached us with questions about “wine diamonds” or “bitartrate crystals” in their wines.  Rest assured, this isn't sediment!  Rarely, in our high-end wines (Classic Select and above) crystals appear after aging in the bottle.  These are harmless, tasteless and actually, an indication of high quality.

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New Rules as of July 1st 2016


Permitting “Customer Designates” at Ferment-on-Premise Facilities

"A ferment-on-premise (FOP) customer will now be allowed to designate a “stand-in” person, other than the licensee or the licensee’s employee or agent, to complete steps in the beer- and winemaking process at the premises on the customer’s behalf."

Previously, Ontario law required customers of FOP facilities to complete a series of specificsteps in the beer- and wine-making process themselves, and did not allow for circumstances inwhich a customer was unable to personally attend the FOP facility due to reasons beyond thecustomer’s control.


What does this mean for you? 

 You are now able to request that someone else start/stir your wine for you and/or bottle your wine.
We, as owners/employees of the Wine Shoppe on Park cannot be your "designate" but we are happy to facilitate your request to delegate a "stand in".


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