20th Anniversary Contest #6 🎉


Celebrating our 20th year in business!

Every week, all summer long you have a chance to win a $20 winemaking promo gift card!

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Winner to be drawn on
Sunday August 20th 2017.

Next contest starts on August 21st

 Enter once and you can win all summer.  No need to enter every week, as all non winning entrants will be carried over to the next contest :)

Good Luck!  


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We Thought You'd Like to Know

Wine Diamonds,Not Sediment

A few patrons have approached us with questions about “wine diamonds” or “bitartrate crystals” in their wines.  Rest assured, this isn't sediment!  Rarely, in our high-end wines (Classic Select and above) crystals appear after aging in the bottle.  These are harmless, tasteless and actually, an indication of high quality.

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Sangria, have you tried it ?  We have a recipe that has become a  favourite around here.  Just in time for summer!

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  Mivino features two half size kits providing craft winemakers with the opportunity to craft a single varietal half batch with one kit, a full batch with both kits or a blend of two.

Our patrons have already experienced the Mixer Pack (10-10-10) concept initially introduced in our BIN15 Fruit wine line.  By making 2 half batches of different varietals, you are able to bottle and take home 3 different kinds of wine in one 30 bottle batch! 

 How to Craft your own Mixer Pack:

Craft a batch of Mivino Shiraz and a batch of Mivino Malbec. (for example)
When you return to bottle, simply bottle 10 of the 15 bottles of each red and blend the final 5 of each into a Malbec Shiraz.
You will take home 10 Malbec, 10 Shiraz and your blend of Malbec Shiraz.  More variety in your cellar!
A "Hat Trick" of wine for one price!


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