Type: White
Price: $145
Category: Grand Cru
Alc./vol.: 11.5%
Body: Light-Medium
Sugar: 0 (g/L)*
Oak: UnOaked
RJS Brand: Grand Cru
Ready In: 5 weeks
Description: A delightful blend of French Columbard, Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay, this medium-flavoured wine is smooth, clean and well balanced.

As part of the agreement between the European Community and the Canadian wine trade industry, the craft winemaking industry is actively abandoning all names of wines that imply geographical indications prior to any attempts on trademark protection, similar to what the industry faced in the 1990's from the French Government (ie Champagne = sparkling wine).

As a result, "Chablis" wine will now be labelled as "Chamblaise"

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