RQ2017 French Chardonnay

Type: White
Price: $195
Category: RQ2017
Alc./vol.: 12%
Body: Medium
Old Sweetness Level: 0
Sugar: 0 (g/L)*
Oak: 0
RJS Brand: RQ2017
Ready In: 7 weeks
Description: ** Sorry, this wine has sold out **

Each year our Restricted Quantities brand offers craft winemakers the opportunity to make truly outstanding wines from grapes grown in world-renowned winemaking regions.
This year we bring you “Le Chateau Noblesse” —crafted from the original noble grapes of France—these are classic wines worthy of the most discerning wine cellar.

Centuries old, cultivated by French monks, and named for the village of Chardonnay, L’âge de la Grace is a wine that is both simple and regal.
Densely textured with a steely minerality and creamy mouth-feel. This is an unoaked Chardonnay with notes of citrus, honey and melon on the palate, finishing with crisp green apples.

Food Pairings: Chicken in Cream Sauce, Pasta Primavera, Brie, Charcuterie.


Chardonnay originally comes from the Saône-et-Loire in eastern central France and it takes its name from the village of Chardonnay in the Mâconnais, southern Burgundy. The earliest reliable mention of Chardonnay appeared in 1685-90 in the village of Saint-Sorlin where chardonnet was said to make the best wine. Various spellings have been used and the modern spelling did not become common until the 20th century. DNA parentage analysis shows that Chardonnay is a natural cross of the two grapes Pinot and GouaisBlanc.
Chardonnay remains one of the most popular grapes in France, grown throughout the country in different micro-climates. Although the grapes generally reach relatively high sugar levels, the wines can still taste lean, and even refreshingly tart. Its versatility has made Chardonnay a particularly good partner for winemaking throughout the centuries.

* Sugar level may not yet be updated within the system.

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