Cabernet Franc - Niagara

Type: Red
Price: $210
Category: HighTail 2016
Alc./vol.: 13%
Body: Medium-Full
Sugar: 0 (g/L)*
Oak: 3
RJS Brand: HighTail 2016
Ready In: 7 weeks
Description: Hightail’s unique process allows us to bring you vineyard fresh grapes that are picked, pressed and packaged within 48 hours.
The only other way to get juice this fresh is to press the grapes yourself!
•ready to bottle in 7 weeks, age from 2 months to 2 years
•Genuwine Winery Dried Grape Skins included
•Available in limited quantities.

Canada’s Niagara region is well known for growing high quality Cabernet Franc. With its ability to age gracefully in the bottle, our 2016 Hightail Cabernet Franc is an essential addition to every well-stocked wine cellar.
The wine is medium to full bodied with an excellent balance of acidity and grippy tannins that produce a savory mouth-feel. The palate features lively flavors of dark fruit, spice notes, and vanilla, with hints of a herbaceous character on the finish.

* Sugar level may not yet be updated within the system.

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