RQ2017 French Sauvignon Blanc

Type: White
Price: $185
Category: RQ2017
Alc./vol.: 12.5%
Body: Medium
Old Sweetness Level: 0
Sugar: 0 (g/L)*
Oak: 0
RJS Brand: RQ2017
Ready In: 6 weeks
Description: New! Each year our Restricted Quantities brand offers craft winemakers the opportunity to make truly outstanding wines from grapes grown in world-renowned winemaking regions.
This year we bring you “Le Chateau Noblesse” —crafted from the original noble grapes of France—these are classic wines worthy of the most discerning wine cellar.

Named from the French word “sauvage”, meaning “wild”, this valiant vine once grew wild in France. L’âgede la Vaillanceis refreshingly crisp and dry.
Pale lemon colour with pronounced aromas of grapefruit, grass and gooseberries. This classic wine is dry yet invigorating, with flavours of citrus and grassy notes on the palate.

Food Pairings: Grilled Fish or Seafood, Risotto, Vichyssoise, Goat cheese


Sauvignon Blanc most likely originated from the Val de Loire in central France, where it was first mentioned as far back as 1534. It is still the dominant grape grown in this famous winemaking region. One of its parents has been identified as another French grape called Savagnin, while the other parent is still unknown. The word Sauvignon comes from the French word sauvage, meaning wild, because the shape of Sauvignon Blanc’s leaves is similar to those of a wild grapevine.
Sauvignon Blanc is an early to mid-ripening variety and it grows very vigorously. It is a classic French variety that has spread to the new world where it has also thrived. It is typically high in acidity with a range of aromas generally associated with things that are green –grass, leaves, nettles and gooseberries –as long as the grapes are picked early enough.

* Sugar level may not yet be updated within the system.

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