Peach Perfection- HALF BATCH (half sugar)

Type: Fruit
Price: $80.00
Category: BIN 15 - Half Batch
Alc./vol.: 9%
Body: Light-Medium
Sugar: 20 (g/L)
Oak: UnOaked
RJS Brand: BIN15
Ready In: 4 weeks
Description: Low Calorie, Low alcohol and all the flavour!

Our Peach Perfection (half sugar) wine is the first low sugar and low calorie fruit wine in the craft winemaking industry.

With tempting notes of ripe peaches, serve chilled and add a few bubbles if you'd like!

Our exclusive BIN15 line offers you a half batch or 15 x 750mL bottles of wine.

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All of our batches make 30 bottles of 750mL unless stated differently in the above description.

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