BIN15 Wild Raspberry Hibiscus Sangria - HALF SUGART

Type: Fruit
Price: $80.00
Category: BIN 15 - Half Batch
Alc./vol.: 9.5%
Body: Medium
Sugar: 20 (g/L)
Oak: UnOaked
RJS Brand: n/a
Ready In: 4 weeks
Description: It's back for good! Wild Raspberry Hibiscus Sangria!! And this version has half the sugar!

Hello Summer!

The brilliant pink colour of this vibrant, juicy rosé will enchant both your eyes and your taste buds. A tantalizing blend of red and black raspberries, tart elderberries, red grapes and a splash of fruity hibiscus flowers. It’s both delicious and good for you! Wonderful on it’s own or as a spritzer with fresh fruit and soda!
Elderberries are known as one of the most nutritious berries on earth, due to their high antioxidant and immune-boosting properties. They lend an earthy, berry flavour to this delicious blend!
Hibiscus flowers are another superstar in the health world. High in antioxidants and loaded with health benefits, their flavour is bright, fresh and fruity!
Wild raspberries and red grapes cap off this sangria blend! You can’t beat the delicious fruity flavour of this new fruit wine!

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